What is PPE and why PPE Kit is it used.

In this time of Coronavirus Outbreak we hear a lot about PPE. So what is a PPE Kit. It is one of the most talked about topic on internet today as it is very much relevant in today situation of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Let us understand PPE today.

PPE Full form

The full form of PPE is Personal Protective Equipment .

PPE for Safety ? Why is it used?

PPE Kit, or Personal Protective Equipment, kits is today used by and recommended for all Corona warriors which includes

  • doctors
  • police personnel
  • journalists
  • sanitation workers and s
  • ecurity personnel.

PPE works as a wall between body ( Skin, Mouth, Eyes, Nose and ears) and infection. It should be one of the must used items by Corona warriors who are fighting the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19

How PPE Kit is Designed?

Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) are protective gears and hence they are designed in such a way as to safeguard the health of Corona warriors by minimizing the exposure to the Coronavirus or COVID-19 and hence it must be desgined in such a way. Let us look at the components of PPE.

Components of PPE Kit

  • Goggles (protects eyes)
  • Face-Shield ( outer face cover)
  • Mask ( face mask to cover exposure to mouth). Two types of masks are recommended
    • Triple layer medical mask : A triple layer medical mask is a disposable mask, fluid-resistant, provide protection to the wearer from droplets of infectious material emitted during coughing/sneezing/talking
    • N-95 Respirator mask : An N-95 respirator mask is a respiratory protective device with high filtration efficiency to airborne particles. To provide the requisite air seal to the wearer, such masks are designed to achieve a very close facial fit
  • Gloves : Nitrile gloves are preferred over latex gloves because they resist chemicals, including certain disinfectants such as chlorine. There is a high rate of allergies to latex and contact allergic dermatitis among health workers. However, if nitrile gloves are not available, latex gloves can be used. Nonpowdered gloves are preferred to powdered gloves
  • Gown / Coverall ( To cover whole body and can be with or without aprons) : provide 360-degree protection because they are designed to cover the whole body, including back and lower legs and sometimes head and feet as well.

So each PPE Kit contains approximately following items

  1. 1 x Face Mask ( N95 / FFP2 or FFP3 rated )
  2. 1 x Pair of Safety Goggles with Valved Air Side Vents & Head Strap
  3. 1 x Disposable White Coverall ( EN14126 Compliant )
  4. 1 x Pair of Latex-Free Exam Gloves ( Nitrile )
  5. 1 x Pair of Over Shoes ( PVC Elasticated )
  6. Bioguard Anti Bacterial Disinfectant Wipes
  7. SP Alcohol Hand Rub in a 50ml Belt Dispenser
  8. Clinical Waste Bag

The goggles should be constructed with soft comfortable vinyl and should come with a wide adjustable headband. The polycarbonate lens should meet ANSI Z87.1 standards. And should include side vent caps to restrict the influx of fluids.

PPE Kit Cost

The PPE kit comes in 2 variants. Reusable and disposable. These kits today come in many sizes and are many certified suppliers. You can check the prices on https://dir.indiamart.com/impcat/ppe-kit.html .

Amazon has also started selling these online.

There should also be a proper decontamination method which needs to be employed for reusable kits.

The reusable PPE kits used in hospitals etc also come with a decontamination chamber and need proper installation.

The reusable PPE kits should be of multi-laminated fibre, anti-static materials and exhalation valves.

There are many kits available today online as the link I have given above. Companies like Alok Industries, JCT Phagwara, Gokaldas Exports, Aditya Birla, etc. are some companies which have started manufacturing PPE kits and there are suppliers on portals like indiamart and amazon.

So it is quite easily available.

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COVID-19 is one example of a pandemic situation where we are hearing more about PPE Kits, but these has been used effectively in situations like outbreak of bird flu, SARS, Ebola and Zika virus across the world.

The demand of PPE kits are going to be strong and is mandatory for workers hadling these kind of situation.

Salute to our Corona warriors . They are fighting hard to contain the spread of this pandemic and PPE Kit is one of their front line tool. I hope we were able to give you a fair bit idea on what PPE is and how a PPE Kit is used. For any details on Coronavirus Or COVID-19 related information you can also visit governments website https://www.mohfw.gov.in/ . Also you can install Aroga Setu app from play store.

Disclaimer – We are not a medical expert and all the information posted on this article is for information purposes only. if you need more information on Coronovirus or COVID-19 please visit mohfw website as mentioned above or talk to your family doctor or covid helpline numbers ( mohfw website )

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