Gift a gadget: Top 5 Gamepads – Five Best Game Controllers for gaming enthusiast

Hey everyone, hope you all are healthy and safe this quarantine. We’ve discussed before about a couple of games and gaming pc that you could entertain yourself with during this period. Our aim on this post is to make our gaming experience better. So lets see top 5 gamepads , the five best game controllers for gaming Top 5 Gamepads – Five Best Game Controllers for gaming enthusiast.

So, lemme ask you, have you played any of those vintage need for speed games? 

NFS Most Wanted (2005), Carbon, Underground 1&2? , Bet most of you have. 

I have always loved racing games, I wanted to take part in sim racing and many other competitons, but for that I had to get familiar with games on my PC.

We mostly use our keyboards for playing games, whether it’s Call Of Duty, Fortnite, Resident Evil,  GTA or WatchDogs, we have our usual mouse and keyboard setup.

However, it becomes lot more easy to game on a game pad rather than our usual setup!!

Here are the my reasons:

  1. They occupy less space
  2. You sit further away from the screen
  3. They are easier on your hands
  4. They provide a greater degree of control, especially analog ones

We must also know that not all the game pads available on the market are of good quality and will guarantee you  a fun experience. 

So, let’s go though some of the controllers that I think will surely make you want to game more

My list of Top 5 Gamepads – Five Best Game Controllers

1) Steam controller 

The official gamepad of Steam distributors. This is one of the best game controllers for serious gamers.

The Steam Controller comes with dual trackpads, haptic HD feedback, multi-stage triggers, backgrip buttons and completely customizable control schemes.

The dual-stage triggers can be used as analog, digital, or both types of input at the same time. Needs 2 AA batteries that are included in the pack. To all those who play games over steam this is a great choice. It also makes playing games that are not controller compliant.


  1. As it is distinct from traditional controls, it can be difficult to adapt to this.
  2. The touch pad is not great out of the box for FPS games but after some tweaking it may be usable.

2) Xbox One Wireless

I really love this gamepad, my number 2 in top 5 gamepads, this game controller is great for FPS games and racing games but if you are accustomed to the PS4 layout, it will be a bit hard for you to get used to this gamepad. It also has an inbuilt 3.5 mm headphone jack for chatting with your team mates. The controller can now be operated wirelessly.


The battery drains relatively faster and the gamepad feels chunky

3) The PS4 gamepad

The PS4 DualShock 4 controller for that scenario is a great option for a gamepad. The interface includes all the buttons needed by most controller-based PC games and if appropriate, you can also use the trackpad as a mouse input.The only real drawback is that the audio jack of the controller is currently not enabled, so you would need to plug your headphones directly into your device if you want to use them

It has a touchpad and is comfortable for small hands.


Not comfortable for bigger hands and does not alot of games support motion controls

4) SteelSeries Nimbus

This is the controller for the rare breed of people surrounded by Apple devices

It has a Li-Ion battery that charges up to 40 hours of gaming life via the lightning connector.

It has a dedicated framework for controller customization. All other gaming needs are also held in mind, such as comfort, ergonomic design etc.


No warranty and it’s pretty expensive. 

5)  Thrustmaster GPX LightBack

I really like this gamepad and I personally belive tat this gamepad is excellent for Racing games like Formula 1, Forza and iRacing.

The gamepad’s key selling point is its ergonomic nature and the 2 speed gauges that assist in motorsport games like Forza and Asphalt.

It also has all the basic knobs and functions.


Some buttons feel a bit stiff. You might not be able to play FPS games using this controller because of a bit stiff buttons

6) Redgear Pro Wired and wireless

This is basically an aftermarket Xbox 360 controller.If you’ve never heard of this company don’t worry. I use this controller and I feel that it’s totally worth the price. It’s integrated force feedback gives me precise control over my car during racing. It helps me know if I’ve hit the apex right or wheter the car is slipping around the track. The illuniated ABXY lights may not be that attractive but are easy on your eyes at night. There re 11 digital keys and the analog trigger gives me perfect control over braking and acceleration.


The plastic does feel a bit cheap and the gamepad is delicate. The rubber may wear off the analog and irritate you later.

7) CosmicByte Interstellar/Nebula

This is also really similar to the redgear and Xbox one.

It looks attractive and sturdy. The soft rubberised texture feels good in hand and it is definitely better in design than the redgear. I’ve used this controller too and owned it previously. I felt that the analog triggers were not really that responsive and the rubber pads wore off  after about an year.

The illuminated ABXY keys look attractive but are a pain at night cause they shine like a projector at night.

My braking and acceleraion and turning were not as precise as redgear and I did do slower lap times with this controller

Fifa on this controller was a bad idea. Playing Fifa continuously can wreck the analog triggers.

Since most of us are budget gamers, we debate on what to go for.

Since you are not too serious about gaming don’t go for the top 3 gamepads.

before leaving for college and hostel I debated a lot and ended up buying the CosmicByte and I did feel that the redgear would have been a better choice.

So choose from the above game pads, Try and find out which configuration you are more comfortable with , the PS4 or the Xbox and buy accordingly and most importantly, have fun!!!

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