Tips to improve your phone performance and speed

You purchased a bright new phone, and you know a few months later it’s not as good as it used to be. We’ve been through it and the problem isn’t restricted to cheap devices — a few high-end phones are still vulnerable to the occasional lag after several months of use. Today I share few tips you an use to improve your phone performance.

A lot of the phone’s speed depends on the phone’s RAM. A 512MB and 1GB RAM phones were well performers almost 8 years ago but phones now are progressing, we use phones with 4GB or more RAM but we still know it’s frustrating when your phone slows down all of the sudden when you’re gaming or you take a little more than usual seconds to unlock your phone or open apps. So have a look at these tips to improve your phone performance and improve your phone speed.

Tips to improve your phone speed

Here are some  ways you can boost your phone. 

Clean your phone’s memory

Use Google Files

Google’s software for file storage is excellent. Not only does it search your phone for unwanted files and apps, but it also lets you transfer data quickly. The app has a minimalistic design that involves two tabs: Storage and Data. You’ll get an rundown of the amount of room you left on your phone from the Storage page, as well as tips about how to free up space.

Disable or unistall unwanted apps

There are always some apps you don’t need at all, for example there maybe be apps you haven’t used for over a month.

You can uninstall the apps you don’t require, but if you can’t, disable them by going to settings -> apps -> disable/uninstall.

You can also use Files by Google to find useless apps and remove them.

Install lighter version of apps

Apps require your phone’s memory, larger and better the app, the more demanding it is.

You can replace apps with lite versions of them, for example replacing facebook with facebook lite, twitter with twitter lite or youtube with youtube go.

Clear your homescreen and don’t use a live wallpaper

Using a live wallpaper tends to slow things down to a crawl, particularly when using a budget phone. If you’re having a lot of lag when flipping between applications or going back to home screen when you leave an app, consider switching to a static backdrop to see if it helps.

If you’re searching for lightweight, live wallpapers that don’t use a lot of energy, try the Google Wallpapers feature or AMOLED wallpapers.

Try a lightweight launcher

You must have noticed that Android One or stock android phones generally feel less laggy cause they are pretty much minimalistic

Some UIs like EMUI and the MIUI are prety heavy skinned and demanding. Phones like Redmi, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and Vivo have demanding UIs

Trying a third party launcher may help

You could try these launchers and tell us what works the best for you 

  • 1) Evie Launcher
  • 2)Lawnchair Launcher 2
  • 3)Niagra Launcher
  • 4)Nova Launcher
  • 5)Action Launcher

Optimize your phone’s battery

Did you know that optimizing your phone’s battery actually helps?

If your phone’s battery is draining quickly, then there is something that is stressing your CPU out.

Some apps running in your background also drain your battery but not to a great extent. But if you feel that your battery is drainig out unusually quick, try heading over to settings -> battery to track down what app is eating your battery and try stopping it.

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Sync and Ambient screen.

Turning off the above not only reduces the stress on your battery but also on your CPU

turning them off when not in need and you’ll see a boost in your phone’s speed and extended battery life.

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Restart your phone

Restarting you phone helps many times, so unless there is a major issue, you’ll phone will do just fine after a restart.

Clear cache of your phone 

Clearing cache of your phone helps to free memory and speed up your phone.

There are some more unsual ways to speed your phone up but we don’t exactly recommend you to do them.

  • 1) flash a custom kernel
  • 2) overclock your phone
  • 3) try a custom ROM
  • 4) try task killers
  • 5) disable animations


Phone today are essential part of our lives. Every phone when new performs quite well, but we start seeing performance issues after some months of usage. Now we cannot change phones every 6 months and hence it is very important to keep your phone in good of its health. Hope the the tips I provided to improve phone performance, works well for you. Do try them out. Let me know your experience.

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