Immunity booster – Tips to boost immunity during Coronavirus lockdown

Tips to boost immunity during Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown: We’ve discussed before about exercises that can help us stay fit. We discussed how HIITs can help us on our way to fitness but, exercises alone aren’t enough.

A strong balanced diet consisting of just the right amount of healthy fats, vitamins, carbs etc. is essential to observe a healthy and fast growth.

What you consume, your behavior, and how much activity you get will all help improve your immune system and avoid disease.

What is immunity?

So, what is immunity? It’s basically your body’s ability to fight and keep at bay infections and other diseases.

Having a strong immunity at this particular time is very important when we are reeling under the unprecedented time of coronavirus outbreak. The most important thing right now will be cover your mouth whilst coughing or sneezing. Perhaps importantly, regularly wash your hands with a soap. The World Health Organisation, and also scientists and researchers, have emphasized the importance of the above-mentioned measures, but bear in mind that building the immunity is crucial apart from following other precautions.

Tips to boost immunity during Coronavirus lockdown

In addition, during his talk on April 14, our honourable Prime Shri Minister Narendra Modi ji had also advised citizens to drink daily intervals of kadha and hot water to create immunity. And here are some more ways we can help improve our own body’s immune system

Tips to boost immunity during Coronavirus lockdown

Here are some ways we can boost our immunity this idle-period.

Choose friendly fats – immunity booster tip #1

Some fats are important for the formation of cells and the development of prostaglandins, hormone-like compounds that help control the response of the immune system to infections, such as how it responds by producing white blood cells that fight pathogens.

Opt for unsaturated vegetable fats from animal products instead of saturated ones, which limit the ability of white blood cells to zap pathogens. And prevent trans fats, processed fats branded as “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated.” They can mess with the immune system often found in processed foods and baked goods.

Keep sugar away from yourself – immunity booster tip #2

Only 10 teaspoons of sugar – the amount of soda or carbonated lemonade in two 12-ounce cans – negatively affects the capacity of lymphocytes to disable or destroy bacteria. Rather, go for a natural sweetener, including one made from stevia to improve the immune system. Seek to avoid calorie-free substitutes like aspartame. You may even try jaggery

Try Honey-Lemon water – immunity booster tip #3

The water of our good ol’ honey lemon is abundant in antioxidants. Honey has antibacterial properties, and is perfect in itself to improve the immune system. Just add a spoonful of lemon juice and honey to a glass of warm water each and you’re all right to go.

Eat and drink loads of citrus – immunity booster tip #4

Vitamin C, present at high concentrations in oranges, lemons, limes, and grapefruit, enhances the production of phagocytes in the blood (cells that consume and destroy bacteria). The body can’t store vitamin C, so to strengthen your immune response you need to eat a few every day. It is only one of thirteen important vitamins that your body requires to remain healthy.

Orange juice is a heart-rending drink containing many vitamins and nutrients. Most notably, it is filled with vitamin C and therefore, a glass of its juice, will hold illnesses and infections at bay.

An awkward but useful combination of spinach and apple juice – tip #5

That spinach is strong in good stuff is what we’ve learned from moms and grannies since. Clean spinach and put in a blender. Break an apple into pieces and blend well with the spinach. You can also add some lemon juice. Strain the mixture and drink. Not only does this juice eliminate toxins from your body but it also purifies blood, apart from creating immunity.

Have some almonds – boost immunity during coronavirus lockdown – tip #6

Make almonds a feature of your daily intake to help avoid viral infections — but leave the skins on. Italian scientists studying herpes viruses causing sores have found that a compound in almond skins increases the potential of white blood cells to identify virus; they have discovered that the compound can also prevent the spread of a virus across the body

Engage in moderate exercise – immunity booster tip #7

While the immune system can be weakened by excessive vigorous exercise, mild exercise will give it a boost. Research suggest that only a single session of moderate exercise will improve vaccine effectiveness in people with weakened immune systems. Daily, moderate exercise can also decrease inflammation and help the immune cells recover regularly.

Stay hydrated – most important tip to boost immunity during this Coronavirus lockdown- tip #8

Hydration does not automatically protect you from germs and viruses but it is vital for your overall health to avoid dehydration.

Dehydration can cause headaches and hinder the functioning of your physical health, concentration, mood, digestion, and heart and kidney. These complications will improve your susceptibility to disease

While tea and juice are both hydrated, your consumption of fruit juice and sweetened tea should be limited due to their high sugar content.

Get some workout during this Coronavirus lockdown- tip #9

The next smart way to get the immune system boosted? Get driven. By creating more of the blood cells that kill bacterial pathogens, the immune system responds to exercise. And the more you workout regularly, the faster the improvements get. Evidence suggests that those who exercise regularly on 5 or 6 days a week have half as many colds and sore throats as those who do not.

Get some extra sleep and rest – tip #10

Moderation is definitive. If you work intensely for 90 minutes, the development of germ-fighting cells called macrophages briefly reduces, increasing the chance of infection. But please have plenty of days of rest in your exercise routine to maintain immune system function

Sleep and immunity are closely linked together.

In fact, a higher susceptibility to sickness is related to insufficient or low quality sleep.

Having sufficient rest can reinforce your immunity. You can still sleep well when you are ill so that the digestive system can help battle the disease if you have trouble sleeping, try to restrict the screen time for an hour before bed, your phone, TV, and computer can interrupt your circadian rhythm or the normal wake-sleep cycle of your body.


This is a very difficult time for the whole world. Coronavirus outbreak and resulting lockdown has affected daily routine. But that does not mean we should skip exercise. Yoga and moderate exercise can be a very good immunity booster. Also follow my tips related to food and drinks. For example reducing on sugar will help a lot. So Friends, I hope these tips will definitely help you. Should you have any comments do write to us or leave your comments in the comment box below.

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