Things to do during the coronavirus lockdown

Things to do during the coronavirus lockdown – make the most out of this lockdown period we are in due to COIVD-19 ( coronavirus )

If you are flipping out about the COVID-19 epidemic, you are surely not alone. Much of the people I talked to, including myself, were living in a state of low-key anxiety — quietly stocking our pantries and waiting for further growth.

As the lockdown has been extended, we are more worried about loading our supplies and not falling sick. When this pandemic began, I was sitting in my hostel room wondering what will I do.

Then the lockdown began and we were sent home. I was really worried for a few days but then I realized something.

Does complaining abou the pandemic really help? Should I waste my time worrying about something that I shouldn’t be wasting my time on?

Being an engineering student, I decided to work on my maths, mechanics and other sciences.

I started working out again and enrolled for online courses, now I can say that I make most out of my time 🙂

Below are my suggestion on what to do during this coronavirus lockdown

So, here is a list of things you can do to make the remaining quarantine better.

Start or restart reading – pick up that book during this coronavirus lockdown

Some seem to still say they don’t have enough time to read. Our daily commute are, after all, just so long.

Start or restart reading - pick up that book during this  coronavirus lockdown

Isolation gives you a hell of plenty of time to use in, and although overdosing on Netflix’s latest true-crime web series is definitely one way to entertain oneself, wouldn’t it be far more efficient and satisfying to address the bookshelf?

Start on something you’ve always wanted to do.

Working on a project for final year college? Wanted to to the GRE prep?

Maybe there’s the site you’ve wanted to work on or start or an artwork you’ve wanted to start on or maybe you’re trying to learn to code.

This are the kinds of things that frequently take a backseat when vying for the restricted hours of the day to more urgent matters

When there are more urgent problems, it’s easy to make excuses: the pool doesn’t need to be re-caulked right away — you have to do laundry and visit friends. But a quarantine or self-isolation will give you the chance to pursue those things you never intended to get back to for what you feel like forever.

Connect with some old contacts – Let them know you care!

You know how busy work and study life can get. When we get a call or even make a call to a friend we often get this message ” I’m sorry pal, I’m sorta busy right now”

Lots of people work from home. In reality, the COVID-19 pandemic provides a perfect chance to check in with someone you may have meant to talk to. You may ask them how they do things, do they operate from home, what does the scenario look like wherever they are

Learn a new language during this coronavirus lockdown

I personally am trying to learn a new language – German.

Did you know that there are so many befinits of learning a new language?

Language learning helps improve good thinking abilities, such as stronger idea formation, intellectual resilience, multitasking, communication skills and problem-solving, as well as strengthening social contact and promoting peer-to-peer interactions.

Foreign languages offer a strategic advantage in career choices: speaking in a second language is one of them. Studying a foreign language strengthens listening skills and memory. In a multi-cultural community one engages more efficiently and respectfully if one learns another language.

Learn to cook – Make the most of this lockdown

Cooking can get pretty fun, It is a stress buster, can boost confidence and bring family together.

How many times have you spent time with kids or parent accompanying them when they’re preapring delicious food for you?

learning how to cook can keep your health in check as you’re refraining yourself to eat outside.

A systematic review of 28 studies showed that adults who cooked had more time, consumed fewer salt, ate more fruit and vegetables and consumed more fiber

Learn to draw and paint – Become a painter you always wanted during COVID-19 lockdown

The hectic lifestyle requires dramatically some interesting ways of relieving tension. Are you fed up with such boring yoga exercises and your meditations isn’t really your thing? Why not carry out a drawing or painting session for the secret artist in yourself?.

It enhances creativity, enhances brain power, improves comunnication , efficiently builds bilateral coordination ( the ability to use both sides of your body efficiently),  enhances motor skills and is a major confidence booster.

Write a journal – save a memorable experience

Watching Netflix at home may not feel like you’re doing a lot, but you’re actually witnessing a big cultural event that people will learn and think about for decades after it’s all over.

Writing a journal will not only help you retain your memories, it will also help you express your feelings about this time, which makes you feel exciting and incredibly repetitive at the same time. You might consider making it a journal of gratitude, too.

Why don’t you write down your feeling about the pandemic right now? If you’re a healthcare worker then write down the experience of saving lives of so many people. Trust we when you look back at this journal after a long time, it’ll be a memorable experience.

Plant a container garden – Become a gardener during this coronavirus lockdown

Have many containers, bottles, bowls or maybe even an old tyre?

Only because you’ve got to live indoors doesn’t mean you can’t continue your gardening in the morning. Bring in the outdoors by seed sprouting or growing a container garden. Bonus: You can use your fresh herbs to cook your delicious, nutritious dishes.

In fact I’ve been growing mint and other small herbs since a long time

Strengthen your immune system – Beat COVID-19

Whipping up a made smoothie or a green juice on a regular morning can be too much work but what is usual anymore? Sustaining your immune system and your waistline with plenty of fresh or frozen fruits and veggies is more important than ever these days.

Listen to some Podcasts, Try brain games and listen to music

Podcasts — audio programs you listen to on your phone — are amongst the best ways to make your spare time smarter. There’s plenty for all with the topics ranging from comedy to history to fictionalized drama. When you listen to a riveting plot, you’ll be shocked by how easily time passes. Need an alternative which is family friendly? Make sure to listen to these amazing interviews of history!


It can be a struggle to keep your mind healthy and flexible while you are trapped in a quarantine. Thankfully there are plenty of enjoyable brain games and educational games to help you stay focused. Lumosity is an app created by neuroscientists that contains over 60 games explicitly designed to improve cognition and memory. It can be found on Apple, Ios or a device.

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