Mobile Photography Tips- how to take good Smartphone Photos

Today we will talk about mobile photography. We all love taking photos. Photos are phenomenal, they capture the moments we never wanna let go. Before smartphones, with cameras, it was a tough job creating a good picture. There was a lot of background effort to make the picture you wanted to see. But now that we have good camera phones, are you still not satisfied with the pictures you take? What’s the trick, then, of taking fantastic images with your smartphone? As it turns out, some of them do exist. Lets us look at some of those tricks to take some best smartphone photos.

Previously, we’ve discussed so good budget and the best not-so-budget camera phones, So today review these tips below to improve the photography skills on your smartphone.

Tips to become expert in Mobile Photography – Take best smartphone photos

Look at some of the tips below…

Make full use of grid lines – Tip no. 1

Grid lines is a really helpful feature that help you stabilize your shot. They act as a reference, when you put points of interest at or around these intersections, your picture will be more balanced, consistent and encourage viewers to engage more naturally with it. So to all mobile photography enthusiast, this is out tip no 1 to take best smartphone photos.

Focus on the image – Tip no. 2

Even though phones have auto focus, they try to focus on the whole scenery in general rather than a particular part of the scenery.
If you tap on the object of interest on the screen, your camera tries to focus on the object and produce a bit sharper image of it.

Try capturing more empty space – Tip no. 3

When you try to take photo of a particular object, try to capture the surroundings too.
When you have a lot of open space in a picture, the subject will stand out more and provoke a stronger viewer reaction. So what will appear as open space? For example, it’s a large expanse of open sky, water, an empty field or a large building.

Try to find symmetry in your pictures – Tip no. 4

Pictures containing symmetry can be extremely appealing to the eye — it’s also one of the easiest and most convincing ways to create a image.
In photography, symmetry is when you can divide the image in 2 halves which are almost identical.
Also, please remember to use grid lines mentioned in tip #1 to created the most symmetrical pictures.

Try avoiding flash – Tip no 5

Flash is sometimes harsh on your photos.
Often you can boost a shot by using your camera’s spotlight — but it never does so at night. Since dark shots show a much sharper contrast to the flash of your phone, it can make every light look intrusive and inconsistent

Try and capture all the details – Tip no. 6

Trying to capture even the smallest details will create a great impact on yor photos.
Close-up photos capturing tiny, complex, and delicate features will make the visual content very convincing. Have an eye out for textures and patterns such as peeling concrete, a dirt road or a tabletop with tiles.

Avoid zooming – Tip no. 7

Smartphone cameras , most of them, offer you digital zoom.
There are 3 types of zoom, hybrid, optical and digital. Optical zoom is when the lens itself moves closer to the object but in the digital zoom, the image is digitally enlarged.
Digital zoom causes pixelated, grainy and blurry images.
Instead, get closer to your object and also try using macro lenses for some extra zoom. This will enhance your image quality.

Color picking and black and white photos are good, actually. – Tip no 8

Did you take pictures in black and white? or maybe color picked photo?
Black and White photos are sharp and really give the image an aesthetic look.
Color picking is an option when the whole image is black and white except for the object you want of desired color. This really makes your object of interest stand out.

Try different perspectives – Tip no. 9

Mobile photography is all about experiments. Taking images from a special, unusual perspective will make them more interesting — it helps to create an impression for the objects of depth or height. This makes the photo stand out, too.
Seek to take a photo straight upwards and to treat as sky as the white space. Or, consider holding it at a small angle downwards. These are some hidden secrets of a great smartphone photos.

Don’t hesitate to edit your photos – Tip no 10

Not all photos look great without adequate editing.

Filters can be useful and other editing options always make your photos look better.
Editing is a crucial part and we must not overdo it. For all of the mobile photography enthusiast like us, below are some of the editing software which is a must to make you smartphone photos look even better.

Some of the very famous editing software are:

1) Adobe Photoshop
2) Adobe Lightroom
3) Google Snapseed
4) SKRWT editing tool
5) Adobe Photoshop Elements
7) Movavi Photo DeNoise

Some other mobile photography tips for wonderful smartphone photos are:

Apart from above tips there are some more tips you can use for a good smartphone photos.

1) Buy a camera tripod stand
2) Take candids
3) Take non conventional and abstract photos
4) Clean your lens


I love photography and so do you if you are here on this post. Above are from my experience. With advancement in mobile photography technology, we have such good phones today that you can take some good smartphone photos from your regular phone. Follow these tips and see the difference in your photographs. So share your feedback!

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