High Intensity Interval Training

So, it’s been almost 4 and a half months since this messy 2020 began. Did you set any new years resolution? We do try and make ourselves better by maybe studying more, working out more, learning a new skill…but this post is for those who decided to hit the gym and loose that stubborn fat.
Are you not able to workout cause you can’t hit the gym? Let us talk about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I divide my exercises into two different categories, Cardio and Strength.

A good cardio exercise may help you on your way to loose weight.
If you’re serious about losing weight then walking or jogging isn’t enough this quarantine

So I’ve come up with a personalized HIIT that has been helping me a lot.

High Intensity Interval Training

What is High Intensity Interval Training

The way HIIT (high intensity interval training) works is simple, you put your body in extreme stress for a small period of time (30-45 seconds) and then give yourself a break (15-30 seconds).

HIIT also causes afterburn, that keeps burning your fat for sometime even after you’re done working out.
It increases your cardiovascular strength and metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Somethings you must remember before starting a high intensity interval training

1) It strains you out, make sure you don’t go high intensity in the beginning, start with smaller time frames and gradually increase

2) If you can’t do a particular exercise, don’t do it.

3) Know your limits, don’t overstrain.

4) Make sure you’re hydrated throughout the day.

5) Always, always, always warm-up or else you’ll injure yourself

Benefits of high intensity interval training

Now, before I tell you my routine, here are some benefits of HIIT.

  1. Within a short time, HIIT will burn a lot of calories
  2. It Can Help You Lose Fat
  3. HIIT can increase the consumption of oxygen
  4. Your Metabolic Rate Is Higher for Hours After Exercise
  5. It helps keep blood pressure and heart rate in check

My high intensity interval training schedule

1) warm up with light strectching – 1 min
2) Burpees – 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
3) Mountain Climbers – 45 secs -> rest – 15 secs
4) Squat and jumps- 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
5) Push ups and rotation – 45 secs -> rest
6) Chest to knees – 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
7) Kick sits- 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
8) Plank hold – 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
9) Crab toe touches – 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
10) Up and down (plank to press ups) planks – 45 secs -> rest- 15 secs
11) Alternate front lunges – 45 secs -> rest.

The basic plan is to workout for 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds. You will find yourself sweating heavily by the 4th exercise.

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Sometimes it becomes harder to push through, but please do try and not give up.
If you already perform high intensity interval training (HIIT) and were looking for something new then i urge you to do all of these.

If you are new to HIIT then please do not push too hard. Remember that you need to be consistent, so if this means that you fail by 30 seconds, it’s totally fine. Do these exercises every day to achieve the best possible results. I hope you liked my schedule on high intensity interval training. Do let me know your feedback!

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