Gift a travel – Best gift idea for 2020

Are your parents planning for char dham yatra. Or one of your friends getting married? Looking for a perfect gift for them? Or just looking for a perfect gift for some one ? Why not gift a travel the best gift idea for 2020.

Travelling is fun, travelling is relaxing, travelling makes everyone of us happy and hence gifting something in this space is something which makes every one happier.

When we think of gifts, we always think of a item / product. Many a times you would have gifted things like travel bag or travel kit etc.

Guys why not gift a travel or part of a travel this time .. Isn’t it a perfect gift idea for this year?

So what all can you gift ..

Gift a tour package

This is one of the best gift that can be given to any one. If your parents are any one interested in a religious travel or pilgrimage a char dham yatra package can be a perfect gift for them. Have a look at few below..

Short pilgrimage tours on thrillopia

Pilgrimage tours on thrillopia

If you have a newly wed couple and you would like to gift them a travel a package tour for Admans, Lakshdweep or any of the hilly destinations like ooty etc can be a prefect gift.

Check this out on traveltraingle

Other wise as well for families any beach vacation can can be a cool gift. Kids specifically have fun time at beach. Why not gift the family a beach vacation at Goa, Pondicherry or Back water of Kerala.

Gift a beach vacation

Oh, you have some young friends and you are looking for a short one day package tours. There are plenty my friends which you can gift and there are startups which are working in this area.

Then are specialized package tours which are very interesting as well for example package tours to a wine yard.

Check this out

So there are lots of gifting option on this space.

Gift a travel coupon

Ok, you don’t want to gift a whole travel package, why not just gift them a coupon which can be redeemed against any booking.

With the advent of internet, travel became really simplified. Do you remember, in 90’s and all we have to go to a travel agent to get the flight tickets booked. Today you do it at the click of a button. There are lots of companies in the travel space and almost all of them offer some real good coupon options which can be used for gifting. Check these out!

Get most of the travel gift cards here

Travel gift cards

Gift an air ticket / hotel ticket

Or best one surprise your loved one with flight tickets or hotel booking. You know that you have some one planning to travel, why not to surprise them with flight tickets or a luxury hotel stay.

There are many ways we can make some one happy. Gifting is one of the most important ways to bring smile on some one’s face and gifiting a travel, nothing better than that ..

Hope you liked our suggesitons!

Have a happy gifting.

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