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We spent a good amount of our day in Kitchen. A beautiful kitchen and some easy to use gadgets are something which you and me, we all long for. Lets look at some cool kitchen gadgets which can make our life easier.

Our List of Cool Kitchen Gadgets

So below is our list some wonderful kitchen gadgets which are must have,

Salad Chopper and Bowl Strainers

Have you ever thought, how easy it could be if you get a Salad Chopper which is easy to use and then it is easy to rinse the salad once done. This is a one of the cool kitchen gadgets which can make your job easier.

Make fresh and healthy salads every day using these gadgets. Chop , rinse and serve the salads easily.

One Click Stick butter cutter

We love butter. Isn’t it? It is part of every kitchen and every fridge almost unless until you are too much of a health conscious person or allergic to it. But cutting butter is always a challange and this is one gadget which I always wanted. It has made my life much easier. How can there be aloo paratha with out butter .. or a butter chicken with out butter. Bring this home and see how easy it become to slice your butter. This is one of the coolest kitchen gadget I have seen.

Temperature controlled Smart Mug

Struggling to keep you coffee hot enough to taste best till the last drop. Smart Mug is a nice addition to your kitchen. Check these out. You may love to have one.

Instant Pot

Looking for a cool gadget which can help do lot of you work in a single gadget. Check the below out. You can pressure cook, slow cook, cook rice, cook egg, cook pasta, warm food, make noodles. So you can do almost everything with this. This can be a proud addition to your kitchen.

Garlic Chopper and Peeler Set

Don’t tell me how many times you wanted something like this. Garlic is inherent part of our food and hence anything which can ease the process of chopping and peeling garlic is very welcome one. So you should have one of these in your kitchen.

Battery operated pepper grinder

If you love pepper you are going to love this. Pepper grinder which is battery operated is a welcome kitchen addition.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Electric Egg Boiler

I strongly feel that you should check this Electric Egg Boiler. Looks stylish, fully automatic and you can set the timer so that you get a half boil or full boiled. Check this.

IceCream Scoops

Icecream is everyone favorite. Summer is here guys. Can you live with out icecreams. No not possible. But how many times you have struggled to take out icecream from a big icecream box using spoons and how many of them you broke? That is why you should have one of these in you kitchen.

Power Free hand blender

We all have hand blenders at home. It is used in many of our dishes. The one most of us have are the ones where we use both of our hands to whisk. Why not try this?

power free hand blender

Egg Yolk Separater

Love to eat Eggs but cannot eat egg yolk. Don’t like it ? or health conscious? Why not keep a Egg Yolk Separator at home. A very simple one but very useful.

Pizza Slicer

How many times you thought that you had a cool pizza slicer. Try this elegant one for your kitchen.

Trash bag Holder

Do you have a need of some extra trashbag when you have more people at home, but don’t know where to keep it. Well keep these trash bag holders handy. These don’t take much space and can be very useful in such situations.

Cookie Stamp Maker

Love making cookies at home. Check these DIY biscuit maker. These are really cool.

Cookie Stamp Maker

Oil Pourer

Tired of getting the oil spilled over. Oil containers are generally a mess in the kitchen isn’t it. Why not to try these nice stainless steel oil pourer?

Multifunction Vegetable Cutter with Drain Basket

I liked this one a lot. I have used it and find it very good. One I just love the design. Second it is easy to use and third the quality is perfect.

Multifunction Vegetable Cutter with Drain Basket

Multi Purpose Grip Jar & Bottle Opener 

You must have struggled with opening a jar or bottle etc atleast once. Try this cool little thing. It can be very helpful. A must have kitchen gadget.

SNAP n STRAIN Strainer

It is one of the very popular products across the world. Straining water is not that challenging, but straining hot or boiling water can be a challenge and hence, this comes in very handy.

The design is such that it just snaps on any pan, bowl anything and you can just drain out the water. Make sure that you take the one which is of good quality as it is going to be used with hot water as well.

Pineapple cutter & peeler

Love pine apples .. may be this one is mandatory for you.

Corn Stripper

We all love eating corn (Bhutta), but many a times we find it difficult to peel, due to lack of time or we just find it too difficult. Why not to get a corn stripper.

Portable dosa maker

How much you want to make a perfect dosa, but it never comes out as good as the grandma next door. Ofcourse we cannot match the taste our grand mothers used to bring to the table, but this portable dosa maker comes to you rescue if you want a good dosa for your breakfast. What else it can make Uttapamas, stuffed parathas, chillas, pancakes etc. It is a multi utility dosa maker.


Do you know how handy this simple looking tool is? This is a very basic sandwich maker which we tend to ignore. Just take 2 pieces of bread, add some butter, cheese and cucumber and put this on and make your sandwich crispier!

Coconut Peeler

How many times you got annoyed while peeling coconut. You would have wondered how easily they do so much in hotels to make good coconut chutney or how they do it in south where coconut is one of the main ingredients of the diet. Well coconut peeler comes to our rescue. Do get this one at home and keep enjoying fresh coconut.


All these cool kitchen gadgets are not very costly but can add immense values to your day to day life. We may not use them daily, but when needed they are really helpful. Hope you liked the list. Do get some as make your life a bit more easy.

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