top 5 manual treadmill

5 Best Manual Treadmills (Top 5 Manual Treadmills ) Hello everyone, using a treadmill at your home gym is one of the easiest ways for all fitness lovers to meet all of their wellness goals. Since treadmills come in two forms-motorized treadmills and manual treadmills, we will talk about Manual treadmills today. Let us look … Read more

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5 Best Whey Protein drinks

Hey everyone, welcome to another blog. In the blog, I’ll tell you about the 5 Best Whey Protein drinks, you could buy on amazon. Why Whey Protein ? Amino Acid is a crucial element for keeping your body healthy and active; without proper nutrition, you can not envision being fit. Whether you’d like to drop … Read more

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Pulse Oximeter – Measure your blood oxygen level – An important medical device for home

pulse oximeter

The Pulse Oximeter and Silent Hypoxia- why you need to pay attention. So, I’ve been reading a lot for a while about “oximeters” going around a lot. What is a Pulse Oximeter ? Pulse oximeters are medical instruments that measure the amount of oxygen in the blood of a patient and warn the health-care practitioner … Read more

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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

So, it’s been almost 4 and a half months since this messy 2020 began. Did you set any new years resolution? We do try and make ourselves better by maybe studying more, working out more, learning a new skill…but this post is for those who decided to hit the gym and loose that stubborn fat.Are … Read more

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