Best of Gaming consoles – Have a great gaming experience in 2020

Gaming is a serious business. The gaming industry in the USA alone is worth around $74 billion.
when we talk about games, it’s not only your everyday entertainment but it’s love and life for some.
games come on almost all devices, and they’re always fun…whether it’s your smartphone, a PC or your console. Gaming Consoles are something which is a must if you are a serious gamer. Today I talk about some of the best gaming consoles available in market.

List of Best Gaming Consoles

Here are some of the gaming console devices to make your gaming experience great

The PS4/ PS4 Pro :

The PlayStation was officially on 15 November 1995 in the Americas. It’s a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The PS4 is an absolute beast when it comes to gaming. It’s an 8th gen gaming console competing Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and switch. It’s also the world 4th best selling console
Here are some pros and cons of this console:

Sony PS4 Pro

Pros for PS4/PS4 Pro:

1) It has the most powerful AMD Accelerated Power Unit (APU), this means that you can expect high performance from this console
2) It has more powerful hardware and supports 4K and HDR
3) It has better contrast and color range due to HDR
4) Smoother PlayStation VR performance
5) It’s cheaper than the Xbox One S

Cons for PS4/PS4 Pro:

1) To play online multiplayer, you need a PlayStation Plus membership subscription for almost $50 an year.
2) No PC streaming option
3) You can’t play music cds or discs but rather need to subscribe to an unlimited cloud based music service
4) The PS4 doesn’t support PS3 game discs, so if you upgrade from a PS3 to PS4, your discs are wasted

The PlayStation 4 Pro is the most powerful home console yet, but you do need a 4K / HDR TV to really benefit from it. If you already have a 1080p PS4 and you are stuck with it, you can wait until updating.

The Xbox One/ Xbox One S/ Xbox One X:

The Xbox One is no less compared to the playstation, yes, it’s an absolute beast too.
Xbox One is a microsoft-developed all-in-one gaming system. It is a home video game console that relies on cloud computing and the apps of social networking.
The Xbox One X is refined version of the S and it compares almost euqally to the PS4 pro.

XBox One

Here are some pros and cons of the Xbox:

Xbox Pros:

1) Cloud based services, this means that you can take advantage of the cloud resources and MS cloud services You also get unlimited cloud storage.
2) The Xbox One has a more reliable multiplayer service and high performance.
3) Long battery life in controllers (even with cheap batteries).
4) It has an inbuilt 4K Blu-Ray player which can guarantee you the smoothest gaming experince
5) It is user friendly and very quite

XBox Cons:

1) It is very expensive. $500 is pretty expensive
2) You need to have a 4K supported TV or it won’t be of any use
3) It doesn’t support VR
4) You’ll have to pay for all online Xbox services. You can’t play games freely.
5) sometimes Kinect will ignore you.

The Nintendo Switch:

The Nintendo Switch is a great console for families, people who love multiplayer titles and casual gamers.

One or two controllers, vertical or sideways, either attached to or separate from the console. Depending on game you can play different ways.The Nintendo Switch family is home to popular console titles such as Super Smash Bros. TM, The Legend of ZeldaTM, Mario KartTM, etc. Newer games are added almost every week!

Nintendo Pros:

1) It has an amazing capability to switch from home console to handheld console
2) It is comfortable to hold for a long time
3) It load games very quickly…instead of copying you just snap in a cartidge almost the size of a SD card

Nintendo Cons:

1) It ha an average game time of 3.5 hours
2) The screen has glare issue, so in the portable mode it’s hard to play in sulight
3) The system has only 32GB of internal memory and it’s structure is pretty small which makes it a bit hard for people with larger hands

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Thus to sum it all up we can categorise these gaming consoles as below:
Best console overall : PS4 Pro
Best Console for multimedia : Xbox One S
Best console for casual gaming : Nintendo Switch

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