Best Android Games – Mobile games you should try in 2020

Is this quarantine boring you? Do you want to take a break from all the series and movies?
Why not go gaming?…Uh nope, i’m not talking about heavy gaming that will tire even your dedicated gaming laptop but a simple game on your android smartphone for some lite entertainment? Let me list down best android games which you can try this year.

7 best android games

Here is a list of top android games from play store

LudoKing – Best Free android game

Ludo King™ is a classic board game played between friends and family. Play the dice game of kings! Recall your childhood! Ludo King is a cross platform multiplayer game. It is available in Desktop, Android, iOS and Windows mobile platform.

LudoKing- best android games

The game also supports offline mode where players can play with computers or multiplayer (play and transfer mode) locally Ludo King is Bollywood superstar’s favorite game too. Play Ludo King on this dice session. Best casual board online online.

Call of Duty Mobile: – Popular android game (free)

best android games call of duty

COD Mobile features the main death match mode for which Call of Duty is renowned, along with the Battle Royale mode launched in the original CoD franchise: Black Ops 4. They could easily would have stayed with the team death match and still have a fantastic game on their hands, but the addition of a 100-player royal battle (along with the fan-favorite zombie mode) adds excitement to the series. there are many other game modes available including a private room for PVPs among your friends

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Minecraft , Best Paid Android Game

MneCraft best android games

Minecraft is a common game for people of all ages, all over the world. Minecraft puts you in a giant world for those who have never played, where you’re mine stuff, build stuff, beat bad guys and do just about anything you want. There’s a mode of survival where you have to dig your own wealth and food along with a imaginative mode that gives you everything unrestricted.

Garena Free Fire: top android game (free)

Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer, freemium third person shooter for iOS and Android devices. The point of the game is to eliminate other players before you are the last man or woman left around gameplay.


There’s no plot or sci-fi dream wrapper, you only shoot other people in a real-world environment and earn prizes for doing so.

This game is really similar to PUBG, so if your phone doe snot support pubg do try free fire.

Hunter Assassin – Best android game (free)

Hunter Assasin

Controls are easy here, which is one of the few positive things I can tell you about the game. Your character goes to every position you select, which is going to be somewhere inside a maze of concrete walls and wooden crates.

Communication with an enemy will trigger you to kill them instantly, while enemies who notice you will stop and start firing at you.

Alto’s Adventures: (free)

Alto’s Adventure is an infinite, side-scrolling snowboarding game for athletes. The character of the player moves automatically towards the right side of the screen through procedurally generated landscapes and the player can only control when to jump.

Altos Adventure - best mobile games

The player taps the screen one time to leap and holds the screen while the character of the player is midair for tricks

Pubg/pubg lite: (free)


t features simple buttons, strong graphics. And only one basic assumption. Basically, 100 men drop onto an island from an airplane and duke it out until no one is left standing. The island is riddled with equipment, weapons, and vehicles along with a mechanic who, over time, lowers the play area to prevent matches from going too long. Latest updates also added new game modes and a freemium feature.

There is another version i.e PUBG Mobile Lite. It is a lighter version of the game and is with fewer players per match and lower graphical settings.


So friends, do try these games out. They will be a welcome break from movies and TV series. These best android games are good ones to try!

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