5 Best Motorized Treadmills you should buy in 2020

5 best treadmills

Hello everyone, hope you’re doing fantastic. Today I am going to share with you 5 Best Motorized Treadmills Review parameters – Top 5 Motorized treadmills My review of top 5 Motorized treadmills is based on below parameters Usability Max Power Size of Running Mat How much weight the machine can take No of Preset programs … Read more

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Weird Wolf Joy Coffee Mug, 350 mL, Brown

Unique gifts for him – Weird Wolf Joy Coffee Mug Weird Wolf Joy Coffee Mug Material: Ceramic, Capacity: 350 mL Highly chip resistant and durable Microwave, Oven & Dishwasher Safe Lead And Cadmium Free Product Description All Weird Wolf 3D coffee mugs are proudly handcrafted in India. Mugs are very sturdy as they go through … Read more

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Homecute Hut Type Kids Toys Jumbo Size Play Tent House for Girls

Let your little angel have fun playing house in the quaint Homecute Play Tent House. Designed to let in the breeze, with a lightweight polyester material, this fun play tent has a crawl through door, and a beautiful design that appeals to kids. The tent is just the thing that ignites their imagination and help shy kids come out of their shell.

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Indigifts Mom Dad Mummy Papa Dialogues Printed 8 Coasters in Round & Square Shape

Unique Gift for dad

Unique gift for Dad Coasters of Memory Surprise your loving parents with these recycle wood “Coasters of Memory” featuring the famous dialogues that every parent use in every situation 8 Coasters – 3.5×3.5 inches – Medium density fiber base These Coasters are design with dialogues that our parents use every time while talking, scolding us … Read more

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Transfer Proof Lipsticks- Why should you get or gift one?

transfer proof lipstick

Looking for long duration Lipsticks? You should try these transfer proof Lipsticks. Ladies you are going to love it. We all have been living in tough times today with Caronavirus almost making out life stand still. We are slowly moving towards normalcy, but mask are becoming one such item without which you cannot leave your … Read more

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What is PPE and why PPE Kit is it used.


In this time of Coronavirus Outbreak we hear a lot about PPE. So what is a PPE Kit. It is one of the most talked about topic on internet today as it is very much relevant in today situation of Coronavirus or COVID-19. Let us understand PPE today.

PPE works as a wall between body ( Skin, Mouth, Eyes, Nose and ears) and infection. It should be one of the must used items by Corona warriors who are fighting the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19

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World Laughter Day 2020

World Laughter Day is an annual event and is celebrated to raise awareness about laughter and its many health benefits. World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May of every year . In India, the first celebration of world laughter day was done on January 10, 1998, in Mumbai. The celebration was … Read more

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