A comprehensive room heater buying guide

Friends today we will talk about room heaters in to buy this winter. Winter is around the corner. Well still a month away, but then time flies. Now a days weather has changed a lot and fluctuates in both extremes. So let us look at some of the best room heaters in India. Friends welcome to this comprehensive room heater buying guide.

Winters are actually very harsh in north, but even in central and a bit south India people are now feeling a more dip in temperatures.

Like AC has become a defacto need in summer, people are more and more buying Room Heaters and hence we thought that a room heater buying guide will be helpful.

Do not just go and buy any of it available in market or the one which the shop keeper suggests. Today I bring to you my analysis of room heaters and top room heaters in India which are available in market ( in each category).

So let us look at this room heater buying guide first.

Points to consider before buying room heater in india.

So there are certain points to consider before you head to buy one.

My analysis and comparison which I provide below is based on these points and you should consider these points before you buy one even though you do not choose the one I have listed below.

Heating Technology used in room heaters

Now this should be your one of the deciding factor mandatorily. see there are 2 different technologie used when it comes to room heaters in india. One is radiant and other is convection.

  • Convection Room Heater – A coil or a panel is used for heating. A fan/ blower is used to spread the warm air in the room.
  • Radiant Room Heater – Infrared radiation is used to dissipate the heat in the room. The heat directly warms people and objects in the room

Type of Room Heater

Now using above technologies, room heaters ( and I am talking about only personal room heaters ) can be categorized on 3 categories

  • Oil Filled room heaters ( uses Oil and convection technology)
  • Fan based room heaters ( using convection technology), also known as ceramic heater.
  • Infrared based heaters ( using radiant technology). Also known as Halogen or Quartz based room heaters
room heater buying guide

Which type of room heater to buy

Now this is a question which depends a lot on your need ie size of room, no. of people, money you can spend, electricity consumption etc.

I will talk about Infrared based heaters first. This is one of the most economical. Since it uses radiant technology, so takes some time in dissipating the heat. Best for small spaces.

Second is Fan based room heaters . Still in budget. Good for a bit larger spaces like bigger rooms. Uses a ceramic coil which heats up air around and then uses a fan to blow air in the room. Also heats up faster.

Oil Filled room filters is probably one of the best. But they are costly as well. They keep on dissipating the heat even after the heater is turned of. In this type of filter Oil is used as a heat reservoir. So once oil is heated up even if you switch it of, the hot oil will still keep the room warm.

Capacity or Size of room heater

So remember to heat 1 sq foot of a room, generally 10W is used by heater.

So for example if your room size is 120 Sq ft, then you will need ateast 1200 watt room heater. Now this is a very important consideration. It should not happen that just to save some money you buy one which is not useful.

Overheating protection

This is definitely one of my criterias. Overheating can damage the room heater and hence this features is a must have from my perspective

Durability & Quality of room heater

See the better the quality, better is durability. Home appliances are not something which you buy every day. They have to last long. So durability is very important and durability comes from quality.

There are other factors like Brand, Customer Service, Price, Weight etc which can also be given some consideration, but I feel that above 3 points ie technology , size/capacity and durability are most important for analysis and hence my analysis are based on these points.

I am going to share with you my list of best room heaters in each category of room heaters. Hope this room heater buying guide and this list is going to be helpful for you !

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