5 best wired earphones – 5 best wireless earphones

Hey and welcome back guys!! So, In the previous blog post, I told you guys about the top 5 Headphones and Truly Wireless Earphones to go with. Today I will talk about 5 best wired earphones – 5 best wireless earphones.

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Now, you may ask me why have I divided this into 2 parts, the reason being I wanted you to have a clear differentiation between Headphones, TWS and Earphones.

Headphones sit ON your ears, they can be On ear or Over ear. They have bigger drivers that cause less distortion and give you a better Bass. They are a bit more cozy and provide better battery backups.

The best thing about headphones will be the Noice cancellation.

Earphones sit snuggly in your ears, they provide less bass but they’re small and a bit comfortable. 

 There is no “Which is better”  when it comes to headphones and earphones, so you’ve got the a small dilemma, what do you wanna buy? ?

5 best wired earphones / 5 best wireless earphones

So here we go, the part 2: best 5 wired and wireless earphones

Catergory 1: 5 best wireless earphones

1) JBL T205BT

The JBL T205BT headphones offer a grab ‘n’ go, wireless solution for your everyday usage along with the ability to make or take hands free calls and 6 hours of battery life. Imagine headphones that quickly charge in 2 hours, come in distinctive colours, feature a flat tangle free cable and are lightweight enough to comfortably wear for hours on end. And when you combine magnets that ensure the headphones are not dangling when not in use, the tangle-free cable and the comfort of the ergonomic ear-tips and neckband design, it’s easy to see how the JBL T205BTBT headphones can become an essential part of your day-to-day music loving life.


6 Hours battery backup

Light weight

High Bass sounds

Priced at Rs 1500, they are good starter

2) Boult Audio ProBass Buster

Less know company but a really good build quality with excellent sound quality


Flexible neck band

Powerful bass

Noice cancellation

Claimed 10 hours battery backup

With a price tag of Rs. 1599, you could have a go at this

3) Sony WI-C200

Whether you’re listening to pop hits, classical concertos or tapping your feet through jazz solos, the headphones delivers dynamic audio performance with deep bass and outstanding clarity. To top it off, headphones come with an upgraded quick charge function.

Users can go completely hands-free while making calls or listening to music as headphones comes with a built-in microphone and are compatible with Google Assistant and Siri. The impressively light-weight in-ear headphones come with neck-band design to ensure comfort and to keep the headphones out of the way, So the user can listen to music with total freedom.


Flexible Neckband

Powerfull Bass

Mangnetic buds

Upto 15 hours of battery life

Priced at Rs. 1890, they’re definitely a bit expensive but c’mon…It’s Sony. Remember the Walkmans anyone?

4) Infinity (JBL) Glide 120

Glide 120 is apt for people who enjoy listening to music for longer durations. It pumps out top quality music with deep bass sound for that superior audio experience as it is equipped with a 12 MM driver. Glide 120 comes with Dual equalizer that helps you switch between normal music mode and deep bass mode effortlessly. Now go ahead and experience that music thump like never before.


Switch between Normal and Deep Bass modes

Bluetooth 5.0

Upto 7 hours of battery backup

Flexible neckband

IPX5 Sweatproof

Priced Rs. 1299, you have to go for it….It’s from the house of HARMAN for god’s sake

5) boAt Rockerz 255

Together they ensure crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound. With its 6 hours play time, you’re sure to spend a quarter of your day with these earphones. The magnetic earbuds secure the earphones from falling and keeps them safe when not in use. Experience the redefined symbol of wireless earphones and plug into nirvana!


Voice assistant integrated controls

IPX5 water resistant

Flexible neckband

Powerfull Bass

Upto 6 hours of playback tim

Priced at Rs. 1499, buy it and Plug Into Nirvana ?.

Catergory 2: 5 best wired earphones

1) boAt BassHeads 225

boAt BassHeads 225 polished metal earphones are designed to give you an experience which no other brand can match. With tangle free flat cables, you are expected to be hassle free. As the headphones feature 10mm drivers, they give you clear sound with that thumping bass. With colours that match your style in your day, the boAt earphones are the ideal choice for anyone who can carry that attitude.

With a super bass, these earphones are beasts. I’ve had them before and they were totally worth it


Metallic heads

Tangle free flat wire

Powerfull  Bass

Noice cancellation mic

Priced at Rs. 599, you need to buy these and Plug Into Nirvana

2) Mi Earphone Basic

Xiaomi has customized Mi Earphones Basic just for India, giving customers what they were looking for- Ultra deep bass and tangle free wires. The Headphones come with silicone earbuds that are specifically designed to ensure it fits snugly without compromising comfort.


Basic design with metallic head

Deep base

Multifunction button

Noice cancellation mic

Priced at Rs. 399, anything else I need to say? ?

3) JBL C200SI

The new JBL C200SI is a dynamic, ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone. Its powerful 9mm drivers deliver the feel-it-in-your-bones bass response and legendary sound quality you expect from JBL. They’re feather-light for all-day comfort. An in-line microphone with universal remote control lets you talk and manage your calls on Android and iOS devices.


JBL Signature Sound

True Powerful Bass

One-Button Universal Remote with Mic

Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Priced at Rs. 799, It’s a go for and yes, it’s a JBL

4) Sony MDR-XB55AP

This pair of extra bass in-ear headphones come with an in-line remote mic supported by a 12 mm drive to give you a detailed music output and allows you to switch to a call with ease. Its power Bass duct delivers extra deep bass. If you travel in crowded city commute on a daily basis these are tailor made for you. With vivid colours to choose from they are best companion for your smartphone.


Headphones made for Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

In-line mic for hands-free phone calling

Shiny metallic finish housing, HEADPHONE TYPE: Closed, Dynamic

Comfortable, secure-fitting silicone earbuds for long listening hours

Carrying pouch supplied

errated tangle free cord. Cord length: Approx. 1.2 m

Priced at Rs. 2490, It’s definitely more expensive but, but , but wait. It’s Sony, It’s got extra powerfull bass that’ll get you addicted to it.  That all I’m gon say.

5) Sennheiser CX 275 S 

This Sennheiser earphone features 3.5mm headphone jacks, which are sensibly designed to give you an enhanced musical experience.

Sennheiser earphones are meant to deliver crystal clear audio due to an extensive high frequency. You can easily avoid the discomfort created by tangling of wires while using the earphones, as Sennheiser has an elliptical cable which doesn’t get tangled.


Signature Sennheiser sound

Ease of use – integrated microphone and smart remote for enhanced usability

storage pouch for hassle-free portability

Available in 3 variants, one being Rs. 700 and other being  Rs. 1390

Priced at Rs. 1599, It’s is one of the higher league earphones. It’ll be worth every single penny of yours, or you could choose one of it’s sister variants ?

So there fellas, there are 5 of the best Headphones, Truly wireless Earphones, wired and Wireless earphones for you in 2 blogs.

Hope you like my recommendations, if you do please do share this page and lemme know your thought in the comments!!

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