5 Best TV Series to watch during this Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown, Coronavirus, and Covid-19…damn it’s boring. Being a hosteller and now being in lockdown, life gets boring without assignments (PS I’m not a nerd). About an year ago I decided to find some TV series to pass time. I was looking for some old but best TV series to watch.
You obviously know what your favorite television shows are, and you also know what the favorite shows of your peers are, particularly if they are talked out on social media. Yet have you ever asked how the people who make those shows feel about all the TV history projects?
With so many series out there, I found out the top 5 series based on viewer’s reviews and put them in a list for you.

Best TV Series to watch during Coronavirus Lockdown


So no one told you life was gonna be this way, or that the world would remain so solidly attached to six New York City friends years after the hit arrangement left the television. Friends was one of the key reasons that NBC was known for comedy all through the 1990s, and the show soared its cast to fame (regardless, now and again). The show had the option to blend silliness in with reality now and again, and the palette of characters gave nearly everybody somebody to identify with, regardless of whether it was Ugly Naked Guy.

Breaking Bad

It’s hard to count the amount of things that Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad did effectively, but one of the greatest was certainly turning Bryan Cranston from sitcom star into gritty antihero.
Set between 2008 and 2010, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Breaking Bad follows Walter White, a meek high school chemistry teacher who turns into a brutal player in the local methamphetamine drug trade, motivated by a compulsion to care for his family after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Initially making only tiny quantities of meth in a rolling meth lab with his former student Jesse Pinkman, Walter and Jesse gradually grow to produce bigger quantities of a different blue meth which is extremely pure and causes high demand. To hide his identity, Walter assumes the name “Heisenberg” Regardless of the practices pertaining to opioids

The X-Files

The X-Files follow the experiences of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and their personal lives. Mulder is a professional profiler, and a strong supernatural believer.

He is also confident about the nature and existence of intelligent alien life on Earth.A strange black liquid emanating from the bones of a primitive human is engulfing a teenage boy and his rescuers in a small town in Texas. Earlier, in Texas, FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) disarm a bomb intended to detonate inside a federal prison.Unfortunately the bomb explodes — leaving four inside dead. Mulder and Scully then receive a tip that the disaster was a government effort to cover-up an alien virus linked to the boy’s death.

Game of thrones

Game of Thrones is a series of HBOs that tell the tale of a civil war in a medieval world. The show, premiered in April 2011, is based on Westeros and Essos’ imaginary continents in a future in which seasons extend for years.

As the plot begins, a decade-long summer comes to an end, and winter is fighting as protagonists to assume the “Iron Throne,” the Seven Kingdom King’s throne, the dictatorship that rules all but the northern tip of Westeros. “Sit on the Iron Throne” in show is a metonym similar to “Westeros law.”

Saturday Night Live

A popular guest host stars created by the cast of this humorous series, in parodies and sketches.
Every week a late-night comedy show featuring many short skits, TV commercial parodies, a live guest band and a pop-cultural guest host. Many of the SNL players from here have spun out successful independent comedy and/or film careers.

The top are the 5 best tv shows.

If you ask me there are 5 more TV series which should be on the list. Some other TV shows that I think could have been up there are:

1) Seinfeld
2) TopGear
3) Joey
4) Episodes
5) The Simpsons

I hope you liked my list of 5 Best TV Series to watch during this Coronavirus Lockdown. And I think FRIENDS was best. Do let me know if you agree with me that FRIENDS was the BEST TV SHOW EVER!! Have fun watching these series!

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