5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

Hello peeps and welcome back to another blog post – 5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India.

So, in the previous blog I gave you guys a small introduction of room heaters as the winter is right around the corner. I explained the various types of heaters, their heating technology and gave you a list of 5 Infrared Heaters that you could think of purchasing.

Now it’s time for some Fan based Heaters. So, let’s get right at it. So let us look at 5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

Fan heaters are another type of room heaters that, unlike an Infrared heater, use fans to convey heat to the room. How does this help you may ask? Well, since this heater uses a fan, it can covey heat faster and to a larger area.

Fan heaters also have vanes to direct air towards a particular area. They are also small and portable and are perfect for small areas.
The biggest safety feature of this heater is that because of the fan, the stucture cools down as fast as it warms up.

This means that once the heater is shut off, it will cool down relatively faster and will not be a hazard unlike the still hot Infrared and Oil Heaters.

Looking for infrared room heaters – you can check this out

There are also some cons to the fans, for example, as the fans are used for recirculation, they create noise, so make sure to check the decibles while purchasing one.
As the fans suck air from one side to eject is from other, dust gets collected within the heater which reduces efficiency and is hard to clean. Also if your room is big, the fan has to do way more work to actually heat the room.

The Fan Heater can be visualized as a counter part of a Fan Cooler. Just as cooler gives directional colder air that is just meant to cool instantly a small area. Same way fan heater works. It gives warm directional air.

Top 5 Fan heaters in India

So, now that we’ve discussed the pros and cons with a lil’ bil’ intro, let’s get into the 5 best Fan heaters on amazon.

1) Amazon Brand – Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Solimo is an Amazon brand that sells mid-budget home goods of all kinds.
For someone who is shopping for a room heater, this is our 1st choice in our list of Top 5 Fan heaters in India.

It features 2000 watts of convection heating technology and is capable of producing enough heat for a small to medium space. The maximum size of the space that could be sufficient is 200 square feet.

5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

For temperature control and thermostat configuration, there are knobs. Depending on the season, the temperature can be changed from hot to mild to cold. The heated air will be spread by a fan in the building.

In warmer seasons, you can also use it as a normal fan with a cold air configuration.

If it hits a dangerously high temperature (130 degrees C), there is an overheat safety that shuts the motor off.

An auto-shut-off function which, if the internal heat reaches 126 degrees, disconnects the power link.

The body is composed of fire-retardant plastic, which makes it safe for children.

It’s quick to transfer and pack away while not in operation because of its small scale. It is both horizontally and vertically wall-mountable.

There are many pros such as:

  • 1) Versatile design
  • 2) Two thermostat settings
  • 3) It is wall mountable also

There are some cons as well:

  • 1) The fan’s speed is not controllable
  • 2) The cord length is small

The product is priced at just Rs 999 at amazon, link to which is:
Click on the link to check the price ( latest price on discount)

2) Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

One of the main manufacturers of household electrical goods is the Indian brand. One of their greatest creations is the Orpat convection fan heater.

This is our second suggestion for you, at a marginally better amount.
You get two heat settings, 2000 Watts and 1000 Watts, to make the temperature hot. Set the 2000 Watt setting when the outdoor temperature is chilling, when the 1000 Watt set to conserve energy consumption is comparatively colder.

5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

With the other knob, you can change the fan speed. The ventilator can be used without a heating mechanism that acts like a normal ventilator. To shield your hands from accidental burns, the exterior is cool-to-touch. It also has a sensor for touch.

Starting from the thermal cut, it has every protection feature that cuts the power link when the inside components hit an unsafe temperature. Security shut off, which, when the appropriate temperature is reached, shuts the system off.

The pros:

  • 1) They are good for spot heating
  • 2) Even comes with an adjustable fan speed
  • 3) 2 thermostat settings

The cons:

  • 1) Only few official repair centers
  • 2) The build quaity could have been better with better materials being used

The product is priced at just Rs 1220 at amazon, link to which is:
Click here for latest price on Amazon

3) Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater

Bajaj operates one of the country’s biggest service centers. This is your purchase if you are looking for a room heater with high quality , price, and reliability.

Bajaj Majesty also uses a fan to spread the gas, like another convection space heater. It’s a 2000 watt power heater that can heat a maximum of 200 square feet of area.

5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

It is fitted with two settings-1000 Watt and 2000 Watt thermostats.

Therefore, you get the comfort of changing the room temperature according to the climate. You should use the convection fan as a standard ventilator in the summer.

The structure is aesthetically appealing. Not only does it look sophisticated, but the kids and the pets around it are both really healthy. To shield your hands from accidental burns, the outer body is cool-to-touch.
The internal protection measures include a thermal shut off that shuts the system off automatically if an unhealthy temperature is ever reached by the inner components. For additional protection, there’s even a thermal fuse.
Owing to its size, you can store it anywhere inside the cupboard or under the bed. It offers two ways of installation- horizontal and vertical. Unfortunately, it lacks the carrying handle. So, when it’s heated, it can be quite dangerous to move it from its place.

The pros:

  • 1) Instant and quick heating
  • 2) A good build quality
  • 3) Variable thermostat settings

The cons:

  • 1) Lack of a carrying handle makes it hard to lift the device when hot
  • 2) The fan is noisy

The product is priced at Rs 2295 at amazon, link to which is:
Check this heater price on Amazon today

4) Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector

Indians trust the Usha brand for home appliances to a large degree, since they are one of the oldest producers of these products. ISI certified, flexible, robust, and compact, the Usha 423 N room heater is.

It’s a convection space heater with 2000 Watts. Within a few minutes, it uses a fan to circulate the warm air quicker. As specified by the manufacturers, the maximum area that it can hold warm is 150 square ft.

5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India

Usha has 3 thermostat modes, unlike others, so that you can still adjust the room temperature according to your comfort and convenience.

Set the 2000 Watt setting to get immediate heat in the coldest climates, set the 1330 Watt setting at a relatively cold temperature, and set the 665 Watt setting to limit power usage in the warmer days. Of the fan, there are also 2 degree speed changes.

It has a thermal cut-off for protection, which would turn the system off before a dangerous temperature is reached. It has an indication for nighttime. On this particular room heater, the height is adjustable. This requires a handle for fast transmission, unlike Bajaj.

The pros:

  • 1) Unlike the others, it has 3 thermostat modes
  • 2) ISI approved
  • 3) Dual speed fan
  • 4) A carry handle is provided

The cons:

  • 1) Noisy fan
  • 2) The design is questionable. It looks boxy and outdated

The product is priced at Rs 2499 at amazon, link to which is:
Check the current price on Amazon

5) Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater 2000 W

The Havells heater features a PTC Ceramic heating element that offers heating that is quicker, safer and more energy efficient. In addition, its oscillation feature helps to provide multi directional heating.

For safety purposes, it is made in such a manner that it immediately shuts off if the PTC fan heater unintentionally falls / tips over.

A dust filter that stops dust from entering the product and can be washed from time to time comes with the Havells PTC fan heater.

It also ensures overheat safety and if the heater is overheated, it immediately turns off. During the process, the plastic body stays cold to prevent any mishaps.
Switches off automatically if it falls/tips over accidentally.

Cleanable dust filter which prevents dust from entering the product and can be cleaned from time to time

Safety is ensured through over heat protection which switches off the product automatically if products over heat

The pros:

  • 1) Variable thermostat
  • 2) Good build quality
  • 3) Elegant design

The cons:

  • 1) The fan is noisy
  • 2) The product picture is exaggerated. Please take a look at the actual heater in the reviews section
  • 3) The heating isn’t as powerful as the above

The product is priced at Rs 3690 at amazon, link to which is:
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So friends I hope you like – 5 Best room heaters in India – Top 5 Fan heaters in India. Let me know your feedback if you own one.

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