5 best alkaline water brands in India

Numerous medical statements of alkaline water may have been made. Others claim it will help delay the aging process, control the pH level of the body and reduce chronic diseases such as cancer. But what is alkaline water, really, why all the buzz? We will look into that, but along with that, let us also look at 5 best alkaline water brands in India.

Questions around Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a little controversial. Most health experts agree that there is not enough evidence to confirm the numerous arguments made by consumers and vendors regarding wellbeing. Differences in test results can be linked to analyses of the forms of alkaline water.

Alkaline water and its properties are one of the latest innovations in the increasingly overcrowded world of health and healthy nutrition.

Urban habits are often at odds with healthy desires; there is an uphill struggle for individuals who choose good food and exercise to attain well being. Nevertheless, the pandemic has helped the people adopt a healthier lifestyle, and has concentrated on strengthening public health.

Alkaline water and its effects

Alkaline water and its effects are one of the key hypotheses that have entered the often overstrained world of balanced living and wellness. Everybody should rely on this portable wellness drink during the day, from millennials to Gen Z, for their wellbeing.

This has ultra-hydrating properties compared to normal water that make for a more efficient method of flushing toxins. Specific celebrities and athletes have confidence for greater strength and better well-being in alkaline water. Alkaline water is said to contain different minerals such as magnesium and calcium, which are also important for preserving healthy bones and the immune system. This helps to slow the ageing process, regulates the pH of the body and prevents multiple chronic diseases

Drink to your health with these 5 best alkaline water brands in India.

Check out – 5 best alkaline water brands in India

So below is my list of 5 best alkaline water brands in India.

BIK Premium Alkaline Water

BIK is the first ever fulvic-enhanced all-natural mineral water, made of distilled water from the source.What happens to water as one applies fulvic minerals. It infuses purified water with trace minerals deep from the earth’s surface, delivering an edgy, tropical, and pleasurable drinking experience for all conscientious people out there in terms of health and wellness.
Alkaline water is filled with natural minerals and flavors, helping to keep you hydrated, balanced and healthy. This also helps in the improvement of the immune system and the amount of capacity.

blk is priced at INR 260 for a 500 ml bottle on Amazon.in

Malaki Alkaline Water

Malaki, headquartered in Mumbai, had launched alkaline water which had caught the eye with its 24 K water mixed in gold. This proclaims to be everything from a cure for pain to a 9.5 pH-rated youth elixir.

It’s lightweight, cool water, with powerful hydrating properties. It’s rated one of the healthiest water by doctors and nutrition experts worldwide.
Malaki Alkaline Water is priced at INR 60 for a 500 ml bottle on Amazon.in

Evocus H20

Evocus H2O is new age alkaline black water fortified by AV Organics with 70 + minerals. The medication is 100 % effective and assists with constant hydration, improved detoxification, reduced acidity, enhanced appetite, increased alertness and balanced body pH.

This emerges from Earth’s thick soil, which draws its strong black hue from the beauty which purity of the nature’s rare minerals.
Evocus H2O is available for a 500 ml Pet Bottle and 330 ml Glass Bottle at Rs 100 and Rs 150, respectively.

Alkalen Enhanced Alkaline Water

Alkalen is an upgraded quality base product, retrofitted with pH 9.5, electrolytes, and minerals. This offers the most permanent foundation for the body to conform to a sound and fluid way of living, simply by consuming alkaline water.

Including calcium , magnesium, potassium , and sodium in Alkalen Enhanced Water helps in detoxification, improved absorption, acidity regulation, enhanced strength, and stronger muscles.

This is managed seven-phase, and is strengthened with antioxidant properties in minerals.

Alkalen is priced at INR 840 for 500 ml (Pack of 24)

Aava Natural Alkaline Mineral Water

True to themselves. True to the mad. Aava Natural Alkaline Water is an Aravalli collection of 100 per cent pure and alkaline mineral water. The body is filled by magnesium , calcium, silica and sodium Water at pH -8 is an antioxidant, immune aid, reduces inflammation, and avoids chronic diseases.

Pure, without light, without ozonation, without the actual mineral water being prepared chemically. This all natural mineral water, distilled at the peak, is a wonderful source of nourishment totally untouched by human hands.

Aava Natural Alkaline Water is priced at INR 1,200 for IL (Pack of 12).

Evian water

Evian is a mineral water brand from many springs near Evian-les-Bains, on the south coast of the river Leman. … In pop culture Évian is represented as luxury and pricey drinking water.

Because Evian is a hard water, it’s easy to cool your thirst. Although of its hardness (high alkalinity) the mineral quality is also in the ‘low’ range. With its pH (with a pH of 7 to 7.2), it is mostly acidic and not alkaline Evian water originates from a glacial stream where the water is actually extracted without the use of chemicals. That contains minerals such as sodium , potassium , calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates, among others. In our test it was registered at 7.4 on a pH scale.

Evian uses polyethylene terephthalate ( PET) bottles which are the world’s most recyclable containers. … Such bottles require several checks and this leads to higher manufacturing costs. Evian is known for their Limited Edition bottle.

Evian has a ‘salt’ flavour, since it is very strong water and mineral-rich. There are much harsher waters in the market but Evian has a more recognizable flavor. Since Evian is a strong drink it will easily quench your thirst.

So friends, hope you liked our list of 5 best alkaline water brands in India. Do check these brands if you are planning to get some for yourself.

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