5 Best Air Purifier in India – Why you should get one today?

Hello and welcome back to another blog. And today I am going to talk about 5 Best Air Purifier in India.

I recently went to the city for some groceries and as we passed through the roads, I could see dust and dirt flying around everywhere, trucks and old vehicles just pouring black smoke from their exhausts.

Sitting in your car with your AC on, you are shielded from these “harmful” particles as the air in your car is circulated for cooling, but have you ever stopped the car by a busy road (away from the moving path obviously) and noticed the sudden change?

The air gets warm and really rough? you smell burnt diesel and petrol and all the dust flying around makes you want to cover your face?

This is just the immediate effect of air pollution. Have you ever thought of the long term effects? What can this small deadly particles do to your lungs and respiratory tract?

How does all of this relate to this blog post? I want to present to you, the reader, 5 air purifiers just to keep you healthy at home as well.

Our homes are not cars. Air isn’t circulated but exchanged with the atmosphere at all times. If you live in the city, imagine the amount of these enemy particles entering your home happily.

To counter them you need an air purifier.

In layman terms, an air purifier is an appliance that purifies the air around you, whereby you get pure air to breathe. They use a variety of filters to trap microscopic dust and pollutant particles.

They protect you from dust allergies, pet dander and hair impurities, smoke and many more.

There are many types of air purifiers such as HEPA, Carbon and Ionic.

5 Best Air Purifier in India

First we discuss the best 5 purifiers and then I’ll provide you with more information.

1) Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi Enabled Air Purifier, TP03

If you want to remove pollutants as low as PM 0.1, Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Wi-Fi allows air purifiers to be the best bet for you.

In order to project and circulate purified air across the room, this air purifier uses Air Multiplier technology.

5 Best Air Purifier in India

Dyson air purifiers, together with a high-efficiency HEPA filter, have low face velocity.

This filtering techniques ensure that the dangerous pollutants remain stuck on the screen and do not work their way back into the room.

Because of the Dyson Link App, monitoring the Dyson air purifier is simple.

This app allows you to see the statistics of live pollution levels and monitor the quality of air circulating within the room.

The positive aspect of this Dyson Air purifier is the presence of a Tris-coated Activated Carbon 3600 Vacuum-sealed Glass HEPA filter to capture the smallest contaminants.

This product costs Rs. 44,000 on amazon .in, but running on good discount. Check the price today.

2) Coway Professional Air-Purifier AP-1019C

Coway is a renowned brand of air purifiers worldwide. This Korean product is one of the finest Rs 15,000 ( after discount, but check the current price, may be available on less price ) air purifiers available in India.

This device comes with some of the best characteristics that an air purifier can have.

For rooms measuring about 350 square feet, the air purifier is perfect, making it a good choice for use in both our living rooms and bedrooms.

The 303 m3 / hr CADR ensures ample pure air delivery to all corners of the room.

Air Purifier in India

This air purifier operates on a three-stage filtration method consisting of, Pre-filter that removes dust and heavy pollutants.

The proprietary Urethane Carbon filter that removes foul odor and harmful gases. To eliminate PM 2.5 particles, the multi-layer HEPA filter is used.

Therefore, at all times, you get fresh and safe breathable air. This product costs Rs 35,000 on amazon.in, but is on discount.

Check the current price.

3) Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

This advanced technology helps to monitor the quality of air you breathe while you sleep. Secondly, it also ensures to make the minimum of noise so that your family sleeps better.

Together with the NanoProtect filter, the VitaShield IPS design allows an improved clear air delivery rate of 270m3 / hr. Ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02μm are eliminated by this air purifier.

It can also keep harmful gases at bay, such as TVOC and formaldehyde.

The extra thick NanoProtect HEPA guarantees greater performance and protection against airborne toxins for a lifetime.

Air Purifier in India

To detect and remove PM 2.5 level pollutants, the Philips Air purifier features an Auto Purification mode.

Another benefit of the Night Sensing Mode is that the light is dimmed or turned off to help you comfortably sleep.

An outstanding characteristic of this air purifier is that it lets you know the time to replace the filter. 

A helpful function to help prolong the life of the air purifier is the Safe Air Protect Warning. Safety features such as child lock come with this purifier.

This product also allows you to check the live air quality using the 4 step colour code from blue (safe) to red (unsafe)

The cons? The HEPA and Carbon filters can’t be cleaned with water

This product costs Rs. 12,000 on Amazon, but do check the discounted price.

4) Mi Air Purifier 3 with True-HEPA Filter

Mi, what are they not making?! Well, just when we thought they couldn’t go beyond TVS and Phones, they came up with their very own air purifier.

As the OLED Touch Panel includes important details including air quality metrics, this air purifier is in touch with your needs.

This appliance is excellent on the output side, as it offers a comprehensive filtration mechanism consisting of a True HEPA filter 3-layer composite filtration.

Due to its unmatched cleaning capacity, the Clean Air Distribution Rate (CADR) of 380m3 / hr makes it one of the best air purifiers in India.

With Real HEPA philtres, 360-degree filtration removes up to 99.97 percent of pollutants of particle sizes of up to 0.3μm.

A continuous airflow of up to 6333 litres of clear air per minute is assured by the revolutionary nature of this air purifier.

Its energy-efficient efficiency is the highlight of this air purifier. In comparison, this appliance quietly does its job and does not contribute to the noise emissions.

This product can be controlled by dedicated apps and also by Google and Alexa assistants.

This product is worth Rs.13,000 on Amazon, is on discount.

5) Mi Air Purifier 2C

The most significant advantage of this Mi 2C air purifier is that it is easy to install and use the appliance. Changing the filters is also easy. The DIY Filter Change feature is a unique one.

In order to ensure effective filtration and distribution of pure air across the room, this Mi 2C air purifier comes with a 3600-air intake feature.

A CADR of 350 m3 / hr is given by this air purifier, thereby guaranteeing a coverage area of almost 452 square feet.

This air purifier is, however, suitable for living rooms as well as bedrooms.

A valuable feature is the Real-Time Air Quality Sensor, as it measures the quality of air and displays the levels of purification on a real-time basis.

The one-button control function for smooth operation is one of the highlights of this appliance.

This air purifier runs in Auto Mode, which eliminates the need for manual intervention.

The Mi C model is highly effective, similar to the Mi S air purifier, as it removes all sorts of bad odors, bacteria, and essential air-borne pollutants.

This product is worth Rs. 8000 on Amazon, But is on a very good discount!

Air purifiers are daily essentials, especially if you have allergies, kids, babies or elderly at home.

Did you know that the placement of your air filter also affects it’s performance?

A fan based Air Filter should be kept in a corner so that it can purify maximum air.

However an ionic one should be kept in or near center of the room as it releases ions in all 360 degrees.

Air Purifiers FAQ

What are some common questions regarding Air Purifiers?

1) How often do we need to change the filters?
It depends a lot on the quality of air, but normally, you change the filters annually.

2) How effective is the HEPA filter?
According to studies, the HEPA can remove 99.75% of the PM2.5 particles

3) Should the room be closed or open?
The air purifier works best when the room is sealed.

4) What is the major drawback?
The filters need to be changed and/or cleaned at regular intervals.

5) How long should the purifier run each day?
This depends on your area of living and/or the air quality. You can leave it running the whole day. Try setting your air purifier to auto setting to save energy.

So, above was the list of 5 best air purifiers in India. They are definitely expensive but they are worth it.

But why exactly go for man-made air purifiers?

Now, I am not exactly an environment saving freak and I can’t surely do everything to keep the air around us clean. But if each of us plays a small role and not exactly go planting trees but planting small plants in and around our homes.

If you have a balcony, try planting some small plants and if you do have a small garden, try to keep it healthy.

You may never understand the immediate affects so fresh air to breathe but polluted air hurts in the long run.

Here’s a small experiment, wake up early (5 AM), go to the terrace or your balcony and take a deep breathe.

Do the same at evening at around 7 and you’ll immediately see the diference, the morning air is pure and fresh.

So, if you found this blog helpful and think it’ll help others as well, please do share this page. Happy Shopping!!

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