Labor Day 2020 ( Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas )

Labor Day

Labor Day also called as May Day is an annual holiday which is celebrated in honour of workers and workers union. In India labour Day is also called as Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas or Kamgar Din. It is also referred as International Workers’ Day or just Worker’s Day. Why May 1 is Labor Day? May 1 … Read more

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5 Best TV Series to watch during this Coronavirus Lockdown

Lockdown, Coronavirus, and Covid-19…damn it’s boring. Being a hosteller and now being in lockdown, life gets boring without assignments (PS I’m not a nerd). About an year ago I decided to find some TV series to pass time. I was looking for some old but best TV series to watch. You obviously know what your … Read more

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Pulse Oximeter – Measure your blood oxygen level – An important medical device for home

pulse oximeter

The Pulse Oximeter and Silent Hypoxia- why you need to pay attention. So, I’ve been reading a lot for a while about “oximeters” going around a lot. What is a Pulse Oximeter ? Pulse oximeters are medical instruments that measure the amount of oxygen in the blood of a patient and warn the health-care practitioner … Read more

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Things to do during the coronavirus lockdown

Things to do during the coronavirus lockdown

Things to do during the coronavirus lockdown – make the most out of this lockdown period we are in due to COIVD-19 ( coronavirus ) If you are flipping out about the COVID-19 epidemic, you are surely not alone. Much of the people I talked to, including myself, were living in a state of low-key … Read more

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High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training

So, it’s been almost 4 and a half months since this messy 2020 began. Did you set any new years resolution? We do try and make ourselves better by maybe studying more, working out more, learning a new skill…but this post is for those who decided to hit the gym and loose that stubborn fat.Are … Read more

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VideoBuddy Youtube Downloader – APK Download


We all love watching videos and many a times we just want to download it and keep it for future watch. Hence a movie downloader app comes in handy. Let us look at VideoBuddy the Youtube and other movie downloader app and the VideoBuddy APK downlaods. What is VideoBuddy It is a download manager from … Read more

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Best Camera Phones in India for 2020

best camera phones in India

The preferred choice of professional photography is almost always a DSLR or mirror less cameras. But DSLRs are delicate and a bit hard to carry around at all times, and thus comes in the best-camera-smartphones. Let us look at some best camera phones in India which you can think of if you are planning to … Read more